The 360° VR view

What goes around… goes around

Suppose you are tending your company’s booth at a trade show. Visitors wander the aisles checking for old friends, swag, and something a little different than “the usual” static displays. A lady starts to pass by but stops to take in the ten-foot, animated LivePicture wall at your booth. The two of you chat for a minute and exchange cards. That’s when you realize your booth has captured the attention of the head of purchasing for one of your most desired prospects.

The presentation.

You tell her that one of your salespeople has been trying to reach her to present a new product that would be perfect for them. Then you present it on your digital wall. She’s interested. It’s smaller, lighter and less expensive than what they are currently using. But she points out that her suppliers are much larger with more capacity than your company. You explain that your new manufacturing facility was built just to produce this product with IT that make it possible to meet her needs. You ask her if she’d like a tour. She laughs, thanks you and explains she can’t take time to travel to another state just to tour your new facility. But she’ll keep you in mind.

The clincher!

Before she can leave, you hand her a headset and suggest she can tour the facility in a few minutes right at your booth. She is aware of VR but has never before used it to tour a factory. You watch as she moves her head back and forth, up and down. She turns and looks behind her. She is experiencing your factory tour right there in your booth. “Amazing”, she says as she returns the goggles “have your salesperson contact me next week”.

Is this a true story or ‘fake news’? It’s a story we created to demonstrate the current capabilities of LivePicture. But we also expect stories like this to become case histories in the very near future. Contact us to learn how one of those case histories could be yours. Call our head of Sales: Jason Wall at (734) 516-6961

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