Our New Office

Our new office

So where does a startup with an idea based on technology and calling for sizeable “hardware” house their fledgling company? Ours started in our homes with meetings held at Malone’s Irish Tavern and development at “world headquarters” in our CEO’s living room. That worked for the first few months. But we needed more. Originally targeted to trade show exhibitors, LivePicture, offered a 21st century, technological tool to attract and retain many more visitors to trade show booths. Using digital displays, exhibitors can instantly change marketing messages to meet changing audiences or needs. These displays can appear on as much as a ten-foot wall. A bit much for the CEO’s living room. We needed to expand.

An answer to an entrepreneurs’ prayers.

Shortly after the first of this year, as we were struggling with this challenge, we were invited to join the Collaboratory at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield Michigan. Designed to “accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and second stage startups through education, networking, mentoring and connection to funding sources all located in their state-of-the-art collaborative environment.” That “environment’ meant space! We could have space to develop and demonstrate our product! Smack-dab on the campus of LTU.

Want to come visit? Call our CEO, Steve (Couch) Couchman at 248-390-6407. He’ll be happy to show you around and demonstrate some of the other uses we’ve discovered for LivePicture including: 3D, VR, AR 360 degree video and more – now that we have room to grow.

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