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women in defense

julie fathbruckner

“Couch at LivePicture has been a fantastic resource for creativity and assistance in putting events together. He was instrumental in assisting in a panel for Women in Defense focusing on the topic of Empowering the Entrepreneur. ” 

Marketing director - rco engineering


“Stephen at LivePicture exceeded my expectations. The systems they offer are modern, informative, and eye-catching. It literally stopped people in their tracks at the tradeshow. They were very easy to work with. With one week’s notice, they edited my video to accommodate their screens, set the whole display up, and took the whole display down. All I had to do was bring the brochures!” 

pica marketing group

Paul zafarana

Steve is a top notch designer and visionairy!! He inspires people to bring out their creative abilities, to mesh with his “Evil Genius” way of thinking!! He is the best problem wrangler I have had the pleasure of working with for large or small projects. Steve ROCKS!!!


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