LivePicture hires first intern. And, what a find!

Ameer AliWe recently brought aboard our first intern, Ameer Ali, who is about to begin his Senior year Edsel Ford High School, in Dearborn, Michigan but will also have a dual enrollment, taking classes at Dearborn’s Henry Ford College, building college credits while still in high school. Ameer was born in Yemen and came to the United States, at the age of 14. His goal, he explained, is to: “expand his learning and pursue a career in Technology.” He said: “My love of technology and how it functions began when I was a little boy and my dad bought me my first gaming console, a Play Station 1.”  Ameer hopes to attend MIT and “eventually work with a big computer company such as NVIDIA or Microsoft, developing software and hardware that will help people make their everyday lives easier and more practical.”   Ameer has already earned certification in Cisco IT Essentials, Everfi digital and financial literacy and NVIDIA sales and technology. Here at LivePicture, Ameer is developing a program that helps small to medium companies market their goods and services through Social Media. He is also creating outreach for that program in Arabic – a whole new market for LivePicture.

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