The Best of Times

How LivePicture works

by Tom Scholl


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…”

Charles Dickens wrote those words in the mid-1800s, but they could apply as well to the state of trade show exhibitors today.

Imagine the fictional story of Nora, a buyer of widgets for her company: International Widgets. She’s in town specifically for the Widgets & Gadgets show at the Home Town Coliseum.

Nora is tired, bored and foot-sore.  She feels as if she has walked miles past exhibit after exhibit – mostly showing gadgets when she wanted widgets. She’s loaded down with pens, candy, pocket tape measures even a neat visor. But all too often, as she loads her purse with swag, she must ask; “so what do YOU do?” This usually brought a five-minute elevator speech that gave Nora little or no information as to what she was looking for.

It was certainly, “the worst of times.”

She was ready to give up and head back to her hotel.

On her way to the door, Nora spotted a large video wall emanating light and motion from fifty-feet away. Curious, she headed over to look at the wall. Bonanza! She was looking at widgets. It seemed to display every size shape and form of widgets all changing, moving, turning with descriptive information on the screen. In addition, it demonstrated a new generation of widgets: lighter, stronger and less expensive.  No need to spend five minutes delving into the “what do you do?” conversation, she knew exactly what they did. And she was definitely interested. It was quickly becoming the “best of times.”

The booth attendant, John, approached, introduced himself and asked: “Well what do you think?”

“Great,” Nora answered. ”Your product and the way you display it. But the display shows your widgets in automotive use. We also build for aeronautics.”

“Let me pull up our aeronautics presentation,” John said as he reached for a keyboard.

In seconds, Nora was looking at widgets that would work for her company’s aeronautics products.

By now, she was thinking out loud: “smaller, lighter, adjustable… but we buy large quantities…”

At this, John interrupted her: “We just completed a new facility to produce these. Over ten thousand a day.”

Nora laughed: “that should certainly handle our needs, have you started it up?”

“Two months ago,” John answered. “would you like a tour?”

“Sure, where is it?” She said.

“Butte, Montana,” he replied.

Laughing, “well, forget that she said.

John held out a headset. “Here, try these on.”

“What’s this for,” she asked.

“It’s a VR headset – you’ll get a complete, 360-degree tour of the new facility.”

By now: it was “the best of times, the age of wisdom…”

Nora completed her factory tour and made a follow-up appointment to finalize the sale.

This story about how LivePicture works has a happy ending. If you’d like to learn how LivePicture can create happy endings and increased ROI for your trade show exhibits. Check out or contact our Director of Sales, Jay Wall at 734.516.6961.

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