For Resellers

Your client is a company that sells to multiple markets, and they do a significant part of their marketing at trade shows. The booth is an instant message. Something to get a potential client engaged immediately before they walk on by. Let us tell you about the flexibility and storytelling ability of our LivePicture displays.

LivePicture Connects

Every display is run dynamically by a state-of-the-industry computer. It’s scalable based on what content you would like to show, how many computer monitors are in your display, and how you would like to get information from your trade show experience.  We can connect your CRM via the web, you can use our content deployment system to update and change the booth completely based on market and client needs.

LivePicture Engages

Display content the client wants in an instant. LivePicture is a blank canvas for content as diverse as slideshows and video, to immersive 3D content. Want to take a client on a virtual 3D tour of a manufacturing facility? Done. Do you want clients to utilize a self-serve kiosk to answer common product questions? Done. LivePicture can tailor content to meet any marketing and sales need, or teach your staff how to do it themselves with some simple-to-use templates.

LivePicture Converts

Driven by data, your LivePicture display can connect directly to at-home sales and marketing staff utilizing the tools already in use. With a few scripts dropped onto the system, clients can connect nearly any CRM or marketing automation application into the booth space and get sales teams jump-started in real time.

LivePicture Adapts

We like to think of a LivePicture display as a hub for sales and marketing. When interconnected, and optimized, clients can craft market-specific messages no matter what show they are attending. One week, selling software to aerospace clients, the next automotive. Show exactly the content that will resonate with every market or client, and be able to change that message instantly.

LivePicture Greatly Expands Your Offering And Your Income.

Move your customers into the 21st Century and show them how LivePicture attracts more visitors and retains them longer — all at a savings. Contact us for details.

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