Experiential Marketing

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Are you selling Experiential Marketing?

Not sure? So how can you sell it if you’re not sure what it is? And do you really need to sell it? You sell your services and products to trade show exhibitors. Aren’t trade shows an “experience” all on their own?

There can be more.

For years, no one had heard of “experiential marketing.” Trade shows stagnated into a great place for your customers to meet prospects once a year. That seemed like a pretty good “experience”. But what about all of the traffic they missed, or people who just walk by without an engagement?

When you introduce LivePicture to your clients you can help them change this casual experience. Instead of a traditional exhibit of the last century, you can supply your customers with something that will literally jump out at their visitors and engage them with a lasting impression that creates value and drives sales.

A different kind of “experience.”

Experiential marketing is based on the tangible impressions visitors have about a product or service. Its main benefit is that it engages multiple senses at the same time. For instance, if selling an automobile, the marketer would draw the consumer’s attention not only to the look at lines of the car but to the way it feels and sounds, textures and the revving of its engine. It draws on memories and feelings. In addition to pointing out the benefits and tactile feel of the car, an experiential marketer also would guide the consumer to remember the past… great feelings, nostalgia and memories of family, friends and great times.

Experiential marketing appeals to consumers on multiple levels, it can focus a consumer on a product or service quickly. Therefore, it is useful for current environments and social environments in which people demonstrate a shorter span of attention. If it is successful, the customers who respond end up being loyal to the company, which means the business has fairly stable revenue and profit and that customers will refer others.

Your clients can use LivePicture fixtures to act as a portal for these feelings, memories and experiences. They use IOT (Internet of things) technology to deliver crafted marketing messages in an impactful and memorable way. And, because it’s driven by a state-of-the-art hardware solution, it can deploy any number of marketing formats. Whether content is static images, HD or 4K video, product demonstrations, software demonstrations, VR or AR applications, LivePicture is the gateway to deploying experiential content.

Offering LivePicture is a favor to your clients and you.

Your clients will be able to engage visitors with “experiences” instead of a static booth that can only be changed by printing new walls. And they’ll get it at an affordable price. And you will increase your per-sale profit. Come on over and learn more.

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